"My study skills were revealed when he had to start moving to answer the questions and the thread of my thoughts manifested in the form of syncopated gestures and different combinations until you find an answer that seemed right" .

Rules of the game: 1 - Keep watchful eye on the continuing possibility of error inherent in any human activity. 2 - Soften the focus in order to see how the bankruptcy will prevent the error and the error itself can become an opportunity to successfully stage. 3 - Making visible the error and make the slit open with their appearance to give way to other forms of entertainment there. 4 - Pass the mandatory success in the voluntary take the risk. Mistakes and failed or not: "Our ability to tolerate error depends on our ability to tolerate emotions" (Irna Gadd). ANNA


Creation and interpretation: Mar Medina. Sound design: Tirso Orive. Written excerpts from various books. Duration. 20 minutes.

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