On Saturday 16 November 2013 took place the 2nd edition IN SITE - Exhibition of contemporary dance at the premises of Metro de Barcelona (TMB) specifically in the lobby of Universitat station (L2 L1).


The 2nd Edition of-SITE wanted to continue working to bring contemporary dance to the public and in this sense it opted to deploy the Show in a circuit outside the normal display. In the 2nd edition deepened the idea of ​​creating spaces for dialogue between artists and audiences who share in the creative process of each artist with the aim of bringing dance to new audiences. Show-SITE artists a creative exercise proposed location of their work in a non-theatrical, while proposing to the public a year of reflection on the experience during the exhibition. Both visions came together in a meeting

On Saturday 16 November could see the works of three artists selected from all proposals received in the open call in Catalonia (June-July 2013). The final selection process was conducted by a team of professionals: Pere Faura, Anna Rubirola, Alex Serrano and Marine Budin. The artists selected for the 2nd edition-SITE were: Roser Tutusaus with "Simun" Mar Medina with "Hit-and-miss take" with Natalia Jiménez "Manifesto on the border" and the collective project with Russian d_ "5". But the piece "5" d_ruses of the program was canceled late 2nd Ed. for technical reasons of space.

As instinct was 2013:

Organised and produced by: Cultural Communication and Management muttered under the artistic direction of Mireia Carol and Ariadne Estalella.

Co-produced by: Transport Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB) and the Foundation TMB.

Partners: Association of Dance (APDC), La Caldera, Anna Grace Graphic Design, Aureo-Creacom and Vichy Catalan.

Co-financiers 2nd Ed. ON-SITE: Cristina Garcia Font, Vanessa Cuenca Viva, Claudia SolWat, Montserrat Iranzo, Pere Faura, Xavier Martínez Torrejón, Yolanda Valdivieso, Montse Fabre, Albert Quesada, Alicia R Campi, Anna Rubirola Cecilia Colacri David Baytelman Irina Muñoz, Kenneth pellets, Lluis Torrent Vilardell, Mónica Muntaner, Olga Tragant, Pepe Ramos, Pilar Hortigüela, Carol Rose, Sergio Costa, Silvia Puig, Aurea Romero, Sandra M. Konrad, Ana Alejandre, Eric Mané Capdevila Querol Joana Maria Alejandre, Maria Alejandre, Rafael Serra Fuster, AMT, Antonio Campos, Carlos Pazos, Beatrice Daniel, Fernando Juarez, Fina Duran Rio, Miguel Vicente, Rafael Querol, Roger silty, Andreu Valls Grau, Laura Roger Rosa Bove, Arnau Marco cuss, Nico Brauer and Mireia Teixidor.

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