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Raquel Gualtero studied in school Hoogeschool voor de Kunst Modern Dance Theatre, Amsterdam. He participated in the scholarship program in 2006 danceWEB ImPulsTanz Festival (Austria). He has worked in companies like: Magpie Music Dance Company (Holland), Compagnia Zappalà Danza (Italy) Leave Donne (Italy), Scottish Dance Theatre (Scotland), Alex Rigola (Spain), Fabulous Beast Dance Theatre (Ireland), Cia Removals -Angels Margarit (Spain), the Patriotic Interesting (Chile) and Tanz Company Gervasi (Austria). His early pieces are creative as White (2005) and Person (2010), the latter supported by CoNCA Ramon Llull Prize 2011 Injuve young creators. He has had the opportunity to show their work in Spain, Amsterdam, Prague, Croatia, Mozambique and Colombia.



BRUT, where the parade of flavors seems endless. This piece is the result of a long research process, whose main objective was to find its own language, transparent and simple. The heart and brain as two poles in constant interaction have shaped various stories and fantasies that connect with my own reality. Now converted into physical states, currently being offered for shared and tasted. BRUT, with its tiny, persistent and disturbing bubble hopes awaken your senses and invites you to savor the nuances of a proposal long and carefully prepared.

CAST: Direction and acting: Raquel Gualtero Soriano / Dramaturgy: Sonia Gómez / Music: in process / Lighting design: Arnau Sala / Picture: Cristina Inocencio / Production: Margherita Bergamo / With the support of: The * great centers of creation body and movement Barcelona Cultuurhuis * De Warande Turnhout, GCC Choreographic Centre of La Gomera and Animal in the back Celrà * / Acknowledgements: Montse Roig, David Espinosa, Amaranta Velarde, Sergi Faustino, * Quim Bigas and Family Gualtero.

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