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Angela Peris Alcantud (Castellón 1983) trained as a dancer and choreographer at Movement Research and Dance Space Center in New York and SNDO Netherlands. She graduated in Audiovisual Communication and the Yehudi Menuhin Foundation works as a dance teacher in secondary schools. In 2012 he presented his latest work ALLES in collaboration with the Swedish choreographer Alma Söderberg.

Koldo Arostegui (Bilbao, 1983) studied at The Place, London, and SNDO, Amsterdam. Moving Company has worked with the Angels Margarit, with choreographer Rodrigo Sobarzo with Dansgroep Amsterdam Krisztina of chattels, seatings with Nux Company and Jesús Rubio Gamo. Has been part of the cast of "The Show Must Go On" by Jerome Bel, Barcelona 2015.



We reach adolescence as a tin robot ready for anything but to be rested quietly in our bodies. From age 11, a blatant hormones take over our temperament and cause unexpected changes in our body. Like a science fiction film mutem format changed. Adolescence is a period of change but also search for identity. Angela Koldo have a wish. Back to this stage and use the skin as a starting point. Build the skin from a home full of sensations where discovered and rediscover each gap. A safe and fertile imagination desires sprout, returning capable of any feat, capable of the impossible.

CREDITS: Created and performed by: Angela Peris Alcatud Koldo Arostegui, Technical advice: Andres Rivas Santos / Length: 30 minutes / Supported by: Espacio Azal of creation, ANCIENT THEATRE / Adriantic, the Piconera Sol Pico.

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