Saturday 19th December 19h to 21h


Marina Colomina is a choreographer, dancer and visual artist. In 2007 he graduated in Fine Arts in Barcelona. In 2008 the Netherlands launched to focus on choreography. In 2013 he graduated in School of New Dance Development in Amsterdam. His work has been presented internationally; Holland, USA, Germany and Spain. As a performer working with Deborah Hay, Ann Liv Young, Benoit Lachambre, among others. Since 2013 he lives in Barcelona.

Magdalena Ptasznik, Polish choreographer and performer. Graduated in Sociology at the University of Warsaw and Dance School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam. He currently lives in Warsaw where he co-created the space for dance and choreography - Center in Motion. Create solo works as surface.terriory (2012) or surfing (2014), in collaboration and as a performer.



SURPLUS try to turn perceptions, moved to observe body experience; give visibility to see other ways to experience the opening threshold potentials around our relationship, so mobile and steady.Within a framework of observation experience reshapes the body as subject - object of recurrent redefinition. With SURPLUS we look through the relationships we establish. The work focuses on body awareness of performers and spectators to mobilize its relationship with one another in an event that makes visible the process, multiple approaches and construction. With SURPLUS inciting the audience to pay attention to the flow of your comment and let him travel to different associations and interpretations not therefore engage in a unique interpretation or conclusion. But rather to accept the open nature of the work and its becoming changing.


Choreography: Marina Colomina and Magdalena Ptasznik / With the support of "Center in Motion Choreographer's Workspace," Wawer District of Warsaw, the Ministry Polish Culture and National Heritage, Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Azala Espacio, tragantDansa and workspacebrussels / Co-production Old Theatre / Adriantic.

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