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Xavier Manubens Samson, Barcelona.Performer and researcher. Race Master in Scenic Practice and Visual Culture at the "Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia." Carmen Werner studied Contemporary Dance and Theatre Experimental School in creating Cuarta Pared. He works as a Performer with Idoia Zabaleta (Flower Market, Tabakalera Donostia), Julián Fuentes Reta (Pentesilea H. von Kleist) with Complutum Arte en Movimiento (COAM, The New Gallery). Presented as a creator Machine (Labworks, Centro de Arte Moderno) Punctum (Photogenic Festival) 3D (co-creation Espacio Scenic Dt). Research teaches Movement, Performance and Architecture, Visual Poetry (Open Studio, Centro de Danza Karen Taft, Bululú2120). Co-founder of Labin. Are you interested to understand the language of dance from violence, limit and hope.



Thoughts aloud about Body and Architecture

It's seven in the morning. Duke over three hours walking the streets of Barcelona. It seems that this walk as part of the deal. Dry in a square footprint and am thinking I can not trace the asphalt. I think the first men and how they followed the trail of footprints between neighboring nomadic tribes. I think the way the world sedentary nomadic world as the first dance of humanity.

Dances imagine architectures.

I walked, I sat, I manipulated plans, cities have created with vegetables, I made a concert nails, I made a ceiling that is wall and floor simultaneously.

Now imagine a world without chairs.

Recovering our site.

CREDITS: Idea, creation and performance: Xavier Manubens / Videography: Teresa Manubens / Support: Marc Camprodon / Look outside: Idoia Zabaleta, Emilio Tomé / Length: 30 '/ credits: Master in Practice Scenic and Visual Culture, Museo Nacional Centro Arte Reina Sofía, DT Espacio Scenic, Roger Bernard, Jaime Urciuoli.

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