Saturday 17 December 21h and 21: 45h



"Cluster" is a work that arises from curiosity to the formation of geometric figures, in particular figures related to fractals.

Studying these forms, we have identified certain patterns and roles. From these roles, we have created our own code, which moved the body and the movement has given us a specific compositional language.



Choreography: Marta Galvez, Elena Lalucat, Aida and Laila Guirra Tafur. Music: Ravel's Bolero. Costumes Malahierba. Video: José Caballero. Supported: La Caldera.



Saturday, 17 December 2016

2 sessions per night

Session 1: 21h (approximately 50 people).

Session 2: 21: 45h (approximately 50 people).

Format: tour of the Santa Monica Arts (approx 1 hour)

Reservations: 935671110 /




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