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Ji Gou: Prelude and Fugue in A Minor is a landscape and a presence.

It is a journey of transformation.

It is an escape.

It is light, loneliness and success.

And abandonment is permanent.

Ji Gou is about desire, about one eye on the identity and the limits.

"Todo el primero never will be, but not the ultimate quiz ... so just enjoy the ecstasy of moth at the time to prevent the ignition of the flame."

Theory ambition of Hérault Séchellles

Ji Gou: Prelude and Fugue in A minor is the final name of a long process of research and creation developed in stages and started as a laboratory with the name and acelgas aceras. In-SITE Show version proposes a site-specific work that forms around the piece.



Creation, management and interpretation Neus Villà. Address: Leo Castro. Original music: Fanny Thollot. Costumes: Carmen PuigdeValliPlantéS. Acknowledgements: Pep Ramis, María Muñoz, Edward Weaver, Natalia Jimenez, Nuria Font, Janet Nova.



Friday, 16 December 2016

2 sessions per night

Session 1: 21h (approximately 50 people).

Session 2: 21: 45h (approximately 50 people).

Format: tour of the Santa Monica Arts (approx 1 hour)

Reservations: 935671110 /




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