ON-SITE Show is a yearly wants to give visibility and recognition context to create independent art movement in Catalonia. The show offers the opportunity for independent artists or groups of artists open their work to display new experiences and expand access to a more diverse audience. ON-SITE proposes -site artists made a version of his work to adapt to some of the areas of the Arts Santa Monica, offering the public a performative tour through the building.

Moreover SITU also working to create a circuit program with festivals and venues of similar character, to dispose of the pieces participating in the Show. We have established partnerships with programs MACBA lives, Seismograph Festival, Sala Hiroshima and La Caldera. Each space / artist festival scheduled for this year.

NEW 5th Edition: IN SITU this year with the collaboration of the Animal Back (Celrà), which provide a home to some of the artists participating in the Show-SITE. 

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