Maria Garcia Vera- "MICROLOG Second: The Descent Facundo Volupta"

Report abuelo
"In July nights with gravitacióndèbil

Cuandosucamposanto overflows muro

You come to me the muertoremendón

The grandfather, the muyapeladoviejo "
H. Müller
An adventure to the other side may look like falling into a state twilight state between sleep and waking in which coexist simultaneously burst images in memory (absent), fighting out of from the wounds of the body (emotions) and • that light up the dark and stirring in the heart of everyday experience (ghosts). A decline ... bodies and body parts are, make sounds, speak, and go ... A History "exploded" map tracks, a secret ... and the light of day.


Creating iinterpretació Maria Garcia Vera. Directed by Juan Miranda. Music: excerpts sung and heard afar Nina Hagen and Lucienne Boyer.

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