John Lima- "biting the Language"

Body, mouth, biting tongue, language, words, verbs, actions. Morden Language is the cornerstone to the tensions between different levels of language. Open intervals between signifier and signified through unusual relationships between gestures and words. Interrogate the possibilities of expression and communication and reflect on otherness: transmitting a body to another?


Created by: Cecilia Colacrai Anna Rubirolai João Lima. Interpretation: Anna and Cecilia Rubirola Colacrai. Idramatúrgia Artistic Director: João Lima. • co-operation in the texts: Paul Colacrai. Sound Design: Andy Poole. Technical Assistance: Paul (Mo) Ramirez. Photos and videos: Tristán Perez-Martin. Production: DancerDanger. Residencies:'s a visual, Caldera, and L'Estruch Barceloneta Civic Centre. Support: Iberescena. Acknowledgements: Nuria Bernaus Pablo Gisbert, Tanya Beyeler, William Monti Palol Oscar Abril Ascaso and Lorenzo Parra.

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