AmarantaVelarde Gonzalez "Towards an Aesthetic of buenavoluntad"

The project takes as its starting point the prologue of the book "Las partículaselementales" writer Michelle Houllebeq, where a new human species through cloning their own genetic mutation, has overcome his suffering today, surpassing ontological paradigms of gender and sex, individual and society, finitude and immortality. The work explores the choreographic vocabulary that allows emerging and investigate psychosomatic states such as delivery, emptiness and the dissolution of the sense of individuality; both questions and takes clichés, aesthetic and created around these manipulations to investigate their possible reality and paradox, instigating in your search within a particular stage.


Concept and choreography: AmarantaVelarde. Interpretation and creation: Diana Gadish Amaranta Velarde. • Lighting and Oriol Blanch (modified version Situ). Music: Jim O'Rourke. Costumes: The AmarantaVelardei Brontë (Victoria Rose Macartei Tharrats). With the support of: The Powerful, Arta, Barn, the animal his back. Co: Irregular Section of Flower Market.

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