The 3rd-SITE was held on 18, 19 and 20 December 2014 from 19h to 20: 30h at Arts Santa Monica, and presented six pieces chosen during the selection process: Quim Bigas Amaranta Velarde, María García, Diana Gadish, Laila Tafur and Joao Lima.

The main objective of the exhibition is to position itself as a meeting point to give visibility, recognition and context to the creation of independent contemporary dance in Catalonia, offering space to artists or groups of artists open their work to new exhibition experiences and expand access to a more diverse audience through the location and format of the exhibition.

Moreover, ON-SITE aims to bring contemporary dance to the public by placing the sample in different unconventional spaces of the city and creating spaces for dialogue between artists and audiences to share the creative process of each artist.

SITE IN 2014 opted for a risky programming, presenting experimental work that explores the search for new languages ​​in the field of arts movement.

The exhibition arranged performances and debates, a format designed to give certain dynamism sample and simultaneously create the necessary environment to generate a debate between audience and artists. This debate was articulated through a shared dialogue between two artists around a common theme of interest relates Papers

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