On Saturday November 16, 2013 took place the 2nd edition-SITE - Other contemporary dance to installations Metro Barcelona (TMB) specifically in the lobby of the station Universitat (L1-L2).


2nd Edition-SITE wanted to continue working to bring contemporary dance to the public and in this sense he opted to place the sample in a space outside the usual circuit of exhibition. In the 2nd edition deepened the idea of ​​creating spaces for dialogue between artists and audiences who share in the creative process of each artist with the intention of bringing dance to new audiences. The Show-SITE artists a creative exercise proposed location of their work in a non-theatrical, while the proposed public exercise of reflection on the experience during the exhibition. Both visions came together in a meeting


On Saturday 16 November could see the work of three artists selected from all submissions received on the open call in Catalonia (June-July 2013). The final selection process was carried out by a team of professionals Pere Faura, Anna Rubirola, Alex Serrano and Marine Pudding. The artists selected for the 2nd edition IN SITU were: Rose Tutusaus with "SIMUNI" Sea Medina with "Hit-and-miss take," with Natalia Jimenez "Manifesto on the border" and the collective project with Russian d_ "5". But the piece "5" of d_ruses was canceled the final program of the 2nd Ed. for technical reasons of space.


How was instinct 2013:



Organised and produced by: Whispers Cultural Communication and Management under the artistic direction of Carol Mireia Estalella and Ariadne.

Coproduced: Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB) and TMB Foundation.

Partners: Association of Dance (APDC), La Caldera, Anna Grace Graphic Design, Aureo-Creacom and Vichy Catalan.

Co-financiers 2nd Ed. ON-SITE: Source Cristina Garcia, Vanessa Cuenca Living, Claudia SolWat Montserrat Iranzo Pere Faura, Xavier Martínez Torrejón, Yolanda Valdivieso, Montse Fabre, Albert Quesada, Alicia Campi R, Rubirola Anna Cecilia Colacri David Baytelman Irina Munoz, Kenneth pellets, Louis Vilardell Torrent Monica Muntaner, Olga drink, Pepe Ramos, Pilar Hortigüela, Carol Rose, Sergio Costa, Silvia Puig, Aurea Romero, Sandra M. Konrad, Ana Alejandre, Eric Mane Capdevila Querol Joana Maria Alejandre, Mary Alejandre, Raphael Sierra Carpenter, AMT, Antonio Campos, Carlos Pazos, Daniel Beatrice Fernando Juarez, Fina Duran Rio, Miguel Vicente Rafael Querol, silty Roger Andreu Valls Degree Laura Roger, Rosa Bove, Arnau cussin Marco Nico Brauer Mireia Weaver.



SIMUNI is staging a solo which evoked extreme states of saturation, repetitive and redundant, a person generates his pilgrimage to find personal freedom. SIMUN named after a scorching wind and circular. A wind that shakes a barren landscape that was transformed and deformed. Where there is nothing to find everything.


Created and performed by: Rose Tutusaus. Original music: Ariel Santiago Zalazar. Staging: Tutusaus Rose and Ariel Santiago Zalazar. Sound and lighting: Ariel Santiago Zalazar. Eye Inside: Spela Vodeb. Acknowledgements: tragantDansa, the Palomera Sanau dance, Peter Molsosa, Raquel Segura, Juan Catalan, Picco and Julian Bastidas Sea.



"My study skills were revealed when he had to start moving to answer the questions and the thread of my thoughts manifested in the form of syncopated gestures and different combinations until you find an answer that seemed right" .

Rules of the game: 1 - Keep watchful eye on the continuing possibility of error inherent in any human activity. 2 - Soften the focus in order to see how the bankruptcy will prevent the error and the error itself can become an opportunity to successfully stage. 3 - Making visible the error and make the slit open with their appearance to give way to other forms of entertainment there. 4 - Pass the mandatory success in the voluntary take the risk. Mistakes and failed or not: "Our ability to tolerate error depends on our ability to tolerate emotions" (Irna Gadd). ANNA


Creation and interpretation: Mar Medina. Sound design: Tirso Orive. Written excerpts from various books. Duration. 20 minutes.



Is an action statement about the power of the body and is held constant pleasure of walking from the border of the performer-audience relationship. I started to get interested "middle space". The space between the street and the theater. The space between the audience and the performer. The space between my femininity and my masculinity. The space between one step and another. Concern is to look at the space in the middle that begins to offer a possibility. I approach the limits of what is already defined and do not always understand m'encaixa completely occupy a place or another, and therefore, he decides on the border.


Created and performed by: Natalia Jiménez. Playwright: Jorge Gallardo. Advice from anthropology: Leticia Sanchez Moy. Localization and distribution: Mercedes Moreno. Photo: Ricardo Bautista. Duration: 18 minutes.

JORDI VILASECA/Proyecto d_Ruses
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