The 1st edition SITU took place in 2012 and was exhibited as part of the movement arts exhibition that was shown at Arts Santa Monica in Barcelona from 23 October 2012 to 26 January 2013 .

For this first edition we selected six pieces that were exhibited on 16 and 17 November 2012 in parts 2 capsules in a structure that combined performance, projection of videos and discussion impasse created by the artists themselves around the experience of the artist during the creative process.

Anna Rubirola

Day Zero

Created and performed by: Anna Rubirola

Original music: Oriol Roca.

Other music: Mira Calix

Scientific Advice: Roger Puig, James Roqueta Irene Lapuente

Acknowledgements: Jose Manuel Mendez, Nona Lopez, Margherita Bergamo, and the whole team of collaborators.


DIA ZERO is a piece that discusses about the destruction and emptiness and silence generated afterwards. On the trail of devastation and its consequences. It is a piece that comes from the destruction of the physical body but using domestic resources and sound elements.

Aurea Romero

Created and performed by: Lola Maury, Koldo Arostegui and Alicia Rodriguez
Artistic Director: Aurea Romero
Thanks / Contributors: Zoe Troughton, Kevin Corbett, Robert Cook and Lola Maury.

How about going to a promenade? Would you like to? When was the last time you went to.? The present work is motivated by a drive to explore ideas about the body in performance.Not believe that the body is obsolete, this performance aims to exploit all the possibilities of the body as the only means of communication.Following these guidelines, performance provides a framework for performers and five guests (viewers) will share a single space. These three elements will develop a constant questioning about the relationship between their bodies and the bodies of another given space. What are the rules? Who leads? Where do we go? The performance is made up of everyday situations where performers appropriate for a particular level of movement and are constantly subjected to the idea of ​​being a subject nomadic, constantly in the process of being and becoming. At the same time, the performers explore various tools to add, seduce and encourage guests to the choreography presented. "Promenade" is a subtle invitation for five performers and guests to share space, places, roads, walks, thoughts, questions and answers. All physical situations evolve together and embark on epic voyages without going anywhere in particular.

Bea Fernandez

Restos de mis series
Idea creation and interpretation: Bea Fernandez
Advisory: Carmelo Salazar
Production: The Santas


"Restos de mis series" form part of a major three people, all the bodies that I have developed over the past three years and was formalized and specified in a fragment / version for this release.
"Restos de mis series" is just a picture that speaks of who I am and what I am and I am many bodies, as many as I danced, I chopped the bodies of others, I am the remains of those bodies I've been stuck up and their future versions, this tainted his memory.
"Bea, with her mesh stockings and slippers, speaks without a face, but with great presence, and yes I understand that this is his body, to the extent that speaking terms corporeality, appropriation and infections could embrace. No concealments or intelligentsia needed to grasp the message (say character empathetic and perceptive grasp the proposed work to the audience in the way they perceive it). Bodies and presences contain writing that they are not random, but have been deciding, shaping, from all your contributions, from all his experiences performing with and for others. " (Masu Fajardo)

Carolina Bonfim

Remake of dance movements in nightclubs

Creation and interpretation

Bonfim Carolina.


From the observation of the movements of strangers in nightclubs, the artist establishes a dialogue with delay action by a mimetic performance.

Maria Campos

Created and performed by: Maria Campos
Original music: Various
Advice: Guy Nader.

Character is a work around the concept of "transformation" through the object space and the body. The fabric of jute colored silk grogenc remember the pupae which performs one of the most dramatic metamorphosis of life of future butterflies. A drastic biological process where, from the outside, seems not to be any kind of mobility, perhaps reflecting some movement. But is this part of the case where the morphological and physiological reorganization culminating in the formation of the imago.
This just might find his likeness, then, in the process of larva undergoes a metamorphosis in the chrysalis before becoming a butterfly.

Victoria Macarte & Rosa Tharrats

Created and performed by: Victoria Macarte
Collaboration: Rosa Tharrats
Piano: Philipp Constantin.

The word "taxidermy" comes from Greek and literally means "arrangement of the skin". Based on this concept Neotaxidermia project in collaboration between dancer Victoria Macartei Catalan fashion designer based in Berlin, Rosa Tharrats, these new processes, practices and applications 'taxidermy' to a culture of nomadism digital, analog nostalgic aesthetics.
We use the concept of 'taxidermy' as a metaphor for the transfer of image, identity and the body to another area, or spatial or temporal means, on horseback between the realms of what is real and virtual, synthetic organic preservation and transience, ancestral and apocalyptic.

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